Summer break? What’s that?


Ahh, summer break. When the weather is nice, other kids are off school, and people swarm to our favorite places. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t exactly hibernate all summer, but yes . . . I am that mean old hag making her kids do schoolwork all summer.

We don’t always school year round–in fact, we’ve done a wide variety of different schedules! I think each year has been different. We’ve ended our school year in April or May and started the next in July, gone all summer to finish the previous year’s curriculum before fall hits, taken a break all summer and started up again in September, and started the new school year in May/June. The flexibility of homeschooling is definitely one of my favorite things about it, so we do what works for us based on what we have going on or how much time we’ve taken off (uh, because there are some years we take all of December off, or winters where the kids pass sickness back and forth and we get nothing done for weeks, or years where the weather gets nice in April and we are soooo over schoolwork).

Alas, my main reason for homeschooling through the summer is two-fold. 1) To keep me from losing my damn mind when they’ve forgotten how to add or WTF a noun is come September, and 2) to prevent my children from becoming giant a-holes toward each other during the summer. I mean, we do probably an hour, MAYBE two, of schoolwork per day all year round–they have all day then to do what they want. But when summer rolls around and I think, “Gosh, I’m going to be a nice mom and let them have time off of schoolwork!” they act like they can’t even function without snarking at each other all day long. I have no clue why an hour of structure changes the whole tone of the day, but it does, so by George, that’s what we’ll do. Don’t get me wrong, they still have jerky days when I send everyone to their rooms to read so I can have ten minutes of quiet before one or the other comes down and asks for something, but at least those days are slightly less frequent if we stick to our normal schoolwork routine.

I’m also mean and like to see my kids glare at adults who ask them how summer break is going. Ha!

Do you take summer break, school year round, or mix it up?

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