Decisions, decisions.

I don’t know about you, but I am a planner. I like spreadsheets and checklists and color-coded schedules . . . all of which I like to create, fawn over, and then generally ignore because that’s not how homeschooling works in our house. Still, I desperately love my spreadsheets, so I make them to make myself feel productive and prepared.

When it comes to curriculum, I start researching options around April, which is when I start to get sick of everything we’re using and planning for the fall staves off the insanity. We decided to try out an online curriculum back in May and the girls love it, so we’re keeping that for the coming school year, which leaves me with just activities to figure out. Back when my oldest was four, we started  in a homeschool gym & swim class–the fact that she refused to participate in gym for the first 3/4 of the school year and refused to swim until January are a story for another day! Regardless, it was the first in a series of weekly homeschool activities that we’ve had every year up until now. Every year I tell myself we need to do fewer things so we have time for one-off or monthly classes that pop up, field trips, library trips, playdates . . . and every year we are so over-scheduled that we don’t have time for those things. The girls are each planning to take four dance classes in the evenings so the prospect of daytime free to (GASP!) do schoolwork and do things spur of the moment is awwwwwfully attractive right now. Then schedules for various homeschool activities start coming out and I forget everything and want to do all the things.

It’s fairly common for newbies to express dismay at when their kids will see other kids or whether there are any opportunities for socializing (hahahahahahahahaha). In our area, it’s more like there are too many amazing options to choose from, which is a good problem to have. For someone trying to cut back on scheduled activities, though, it makes it very difficult to make a decision about just one thing to add to our schedule!



2 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions.

  1. Rebecca

    This is exactly how I feel this week! We’re looking at around 9 dance classes and probably a gymnastics class. This past year had been crazy so I’ve been thinking about not doing any kind of co-op class and just leaving us open for field trips and such but on the other hand there are a few classes we are really interested in and she’d like to take classes with her homeschool friends. so yeah, no clue what we are going to do either.


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