Jinxed it!

Next time I smugly say that I have our curriculum planned for September, just smack me right upside the head. I don’t think I’m *ever* done. In fact, I can’t recall a single year where we actually used the things I had planned on using for the entire school year without switching at least some things partway through.

Apparently, this year is no exception. The online curriculum we have been planning on recently went up in price, so instead of a monthly subscription, we can only be grandfathered in if we pay for the year upfront. As a compulsive curriculum-switcher, you can see why this would make me nervous. As the clock ticks down toward my deadline for paying for the year, I am, of course, awash with doubt.


We are in possession of an entire treasure trove of options that I could piece together, but . . . online. Independent (for the most part). Silence all at one time for a glorious hour of the morning while I drink coffee and do Very Important Things (like blogging and spreadsheet-making and color-coding our schedule for the year). This is the first curriculum the girls have actually really loved and begged to continue with, and all I need to add to it is some writing. Why would I not jump on that?

Because I am me, readers. Because there is always more curriculum out there to explore, always more shiny new books to buy and shelves to fill. Besides, what kind of crazy homeschooler would I be if I couldn’t lug a wagon full of books to park meetups so newbies could see various things in person? IT’S FOR THE GREATER GOOD, OKAY?

I’ll keep telling myself that. In the meantime, I have 5 days to decide what I’m doing and I’ve only changed my mind 73.4 times in the last week. Wish me luck!

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