Sweet Freedom


You may have noticed my meme addiction. I can’t help it, I love them, especially funny ones. This came up in one of my searches though and it struck a chord. It’s so, so true. When people ask why we homeschool, a million different reasons come to mind on any given day, but the freedom is very high on my list! Freedom to follow our interests, freedom to take vacations when we want, freedom to figure out each individual learning style and cater to that. We’re not tied to a school calendar each year, we can switch curriculum when we need to (except now because I finally bit the bullet and paid for a year of our online program so NOW THAT IS IT AND I PROMISE TO STOP OBSESSING). We can make our schedule work for us instead of slotting ourselves into one created by someone else. My husband and I are nerds, I freely admit it. We LIKE learning new things. The prospect of learning cool stuff alongside our kids was one of the biggest selling points of homeschooling for us.

While the freedom is incredible, it can also be daunting, especially for families new to homeschooling. “How will I know we’re doing enough? How much time each day is too much and how much is too little?” I’ll be perfectly honest here–some families spend hours upon hours doing schoolwork. We . . . well, don’t. Especially in the younger grades! If we got half an hour in working on math and reading for kindergarten or first grade, that was awesome! I don’t track hours spent reading or experimenting or baking together or doing crafts or drawing or taking nature hikes. We just do it. Kids are constantly learning, even if they’re not sitting at a desk! My kids are getting older so now we spend maybe an hour or so on “book work” each morning (which is now on the computer), and come fall we will add in a little bit more with writing (I’m such a nice mom, I’m giving them the summer off from that while they do math, science, social studies, language arts, and Spanish, ha!), but I’m certainly not looking to replicate school hours in our house.

If you’re homeschooling, accept your rebel status with pride! You’re already a weirdo by societal standards, so you might as well embrace it. And if you have that independent spirit, you can bet your kids probably inherited it. I know mine have! That doesn’t make it easy, but it might help sometimes when they’re driving you stark-raving mad and won’t just learn their $%#$%*^%$ math the way you’re teaching it or are ignoring the #$%#$*^@ directions in their workbooks in order to write a short story instead of an informational paragraph. Face it, you’re all weirdos and if you have the freedom to buck the system, sometimes you can pass that along and let them do it too. Just not too much, because then Mommy might need to lock herself in a closet to binge on leftover Halloween candy.

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