The Mondays or The Fridays?

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I didn’t start drinking coffee until I had my second daughter and realized that coordinating the sleep schedules of more than one child is somewhere around the seventh circle of hell. Now, I freely admit that I am a coffee addict. I’m not even sure it’s the caffeine that I enjoy so much as the sweet peace of drinking a hot cup of coffee (okay, two very large cups) in the mornings before we start schoolwork. And during schoolwork. And sometimes after schoolwork.

Mondays in our house are not terrible, since everyone here does better with routine (and our morning schoolwork means I don’t have to start listening to incessant Minecraft talk until well after the coffee has kicked in), but it’s not unheard of for at least one of us to have a serious case of The Mondays when it comes time to get started. Even if we push our start time back by an hour or so (while I enjoy another cup of delicious coffee), we generally get into our groove eventually.

When Friday rolls around, however . . . that’s usually when we start to crumble. Back in high school, our English department had “Friday Reading Day” across all of the classrooms and you could read anything you wanted during English class. I always thought that would be a fun thing to institute but we hadn’t quite reached a point where my youngest could read by herself comfortably until partway through this past school year, so we haven’t started that yet. Instead, Friday became “OMG Go Do Something Quietly Without Asking Me 10,000 Questions Per Hour” Day. Whatever works, right?

Sometime around May, I finally decided to start hosting Field Trip Fridays through our local homeschool group. It seems to be a popular idea–both among the children and for other families–so I volunteered to continue hosting throughout the new school year. It sounds charitable but really it just keeps me from having to make us all suffer through actual work on Fridays when we feel like doing annnnnnything else but school. And it definitely sounds more educational than banishing the children to their rooms to play just to get some peace and quiet, right?

Which day is harder for you and your family in homeschooling, Monday or Friday? Do you do anything special to help everyone get through it?

2 thoughts on “The Mondays or The Fridays?

  1. charlavirkler

    Definitely Fridays.
    On Mondays I’m determined to be the best mom, teacher, cook, and organizer the world has ever seen. By Friday I just want everything done and to be left alone. And to drink all the coffee.


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