Put on your Sunday clothes


I will freely admit that here have been periods of my life when I have worn pajamas all day long. Life with babies and toddlers just kind of lends itself to staying cozy unless you’re leaving the house, right? There’s no shame in that! Those days are well in the past for me but I have to say that comfort is one of the keys to our homeschooling. I don’t stay in pajamas anymore, but I do tend to save my “nice shirts” for special occasions. Like, you know, leaving the house. I sometimes even break out my “dressy jeans” for the occasional Mom’s Night Out.

Though my almost-11 year old takes great pride in crafting her ensemble each day, my 8 year old lives in pajamas unless we are going somewhere. Fortunately, most of her pajamas happen to be selections of her comfiest regular clothes, so if friends happen to walk by our house, it’s not completely insane of me to let her go outside in them. And it cuts down on laundry, okay? Simultaneously saving the planet AND being comfortable seems like a win.

While we lovingly call some of the kids’ more creative outfits “The Homeschooler,” I do think our school uniform is basically pajamas. How about you? Do your kids get dressed before schoolwork or do you tend to lounge around in PJs?


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