Snack Time


Maybe it’s because my poor unsocialized homeschoolers don’t have to sit and eat at a specific time each day, but this is life in our house, especially over the summer. Ten minutes after breakfast is done, my 8 year old is asking me to start lunch.

Of course, when we leave the house, they can’t possibly eat LUNCH FOOD. No sandwiches for these little angels. We’ve tried all different kinds, along with wraps, yogurts (and my oldest has food allergies so the non-dairy ones aren’t cheap), salads. The 10 year old will deign to eat some hummus with pretzels, fortunately, but that’s about as nutritious a packed lunch as we can manage. Aside from the school bus in the morning thing, not having to eat lunch out of the house every day is one of the biggest reliefs about homeschooling around here. If we’re headed to a park or a field trip, I fill the “lunch bag” (ha!) with a variety of snacks and that serves as lunch on the go. I *almost* got an allergy-safe Fluff replacement, but oldest child doesn’t like Sunbutter on sandwiches either, so her sandwich would have been just Fluff and jam. I then had to debate whether I wanted her to eat white bread so badly that I would hand her a Sugar Sandwich and decided that hummus was perfectly adequate.

Do your homeschoolers want to eat constantly when you’re at home–or out? Got any favorite packable snack/lunch foods that your kids love? Now that we’re past the diaper bag and stroller stage, I only bring food if absolutely necessary . . . otherwise, the children are given my classic “once you start complaining you’re hungry, it’s time to leave” warning. It’s probably a good thing we can’t always find allergy-safe options when we’re out and about, because otherwise I’d be spending a million dollars on food everywhere we go just to keep from having to pack lunches!

One thought on “Snack Time

  1. charlavirkler

    It’s mostly my son, who’s always hungry, but they all do this. And our “lunch bags” are usually a series of snacks too. I’m glad I’m in good company!


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