The M Word

Not “Mom-mom-mom-mama-mama-mommy-mom,” the OTHER M Word.


We resisted the Minecraft trend for quite a while, actually, under the guise of “you don’t need something else to be obsessed with, kthxbye.” In the end, we caved. It really isn’t THAT annoying and I occasionally make them build me something out of a history book. My youngest is 8 and really wants to PLAY, while my almost-11 year old has been done with toys for a while now, and done with the dolls that her sister adores for even longer. Minecraft is one thing they will play together and usually pretty cooperatively. They even build some pretty cool stuff. I’ve gotten into the (regretful) habit of letting them play a lot this summer because it’s “summer break” and we didn’t sign up for any camps. They have to get schoolwork done first but on the days we’re not running around like crazy people trying to fit in summer fun, well. They like to Skype or FaceTime with friends while playing together and that’s got to be better than talking to strangers in AOL chat rooms like when I was a kid, right? Or at least about the same as when we used to play Doom with friends and family over our dial-up modems–in Minecraft, they’re not trying to murder each other, so that seems like a win. Plenty of people out there incorporate Minecraft into their homeschool curriculum and I salute them, because I can only tolerate it as long as I don’t have to actively think about it.

But . . . so help me, if I have to keep listening to not only them actually playing it, but talking about it hours later . . . all I can say is thank heavens there are only two weeks left of “summer break” before we go on vacation for a week and then get started into our regular fall schedule, which means waaaaaaay less Minecraft! Hurrah!