Pitfalls in Fashion

There ARE some downsides to homeschooling. One of them is seeing specific groups of people on specific days of the week and trying to recall WTH I wore last Friday because I don’t want my Friday People to think I only own one shirt. When you see people several times a week, it’s different! They might recognize a shirt as something you’ve worn before, but they’re less likely to remember exactly what you were wearing on a specific day. But once a week . . . it becomes more glaring. Now I have to try to keep track of my Nice Outfits in order to cycle them appropriately. Okay, who am I kidding–my Nice Shirts and Slightly Different Jeans. It’s a bit misleading to call them outfits.


My kids, on the other hand, have certain very favorite clothing items that they’d like to wear 15 times a week if it weren’t for their evil mother refusing to do laundry 700 times a week. Luckily for them, they wear dance attire for most of our weekly outings and can get away with re-wearing a shirt or pair of shorts that was only thrown on for an hour or two to leave the house. And yes . . . as long as we didn’t see anyone we know who we’d be seeing again the next day . . . they are welcome to wear the same outfit again. Look, I spent the last decade with Oldest Child changing her clothes 75 times a day because she sneezed on something or dripped water or decided she much prefers circles to squares on that day. If they want to live in pajamas until we leave the house and reuse an outfit no one saw them in, I am all for it. Doing less laundry helps save the planet, okay? It’s for the good of the Earth!

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