Snowed In


When homeschooled kids are young, especially if they don’t have a lot of friends in public school . . . they have no clue what a snow day is! Heck, mine didn’t even know what “summer break” meant until recent years. Unfortunately, as they get older, they become wise to the sneaky ways of the Homeschool Mom. The bubble has burst, folks.

We got hit this week with blizzard conditions, over a foot of new snow, and single digit temperatures, so most schools were closed. My children? No snow days. I’m sure in the future their complaints will recall those times Mommy made them do schoolwork on Christmas Eve rather than their un-snow days, but I’m still winning the A-Hole Mom Award for last week.


I try to explain it logically, but kids don’t want logic, they want a damned day off from schoolwork. Because, you know, they need that extra hour or two to do the same thing they do the other 90% of the day. *Usually* I am extra amazing and let them take the day off on holidays when my husband is home–but look, once I print out their weekly checklist with page/assignment numbers, there is no going back. Especially not for THREE DAYS out of a school week! Sorry kids. Let’s be realistic though–taking days off when everything is closed because it’s blizzarding and it’s too cold to play outside is just not worth it when we could take off days when the sun is shining and it’s unseasonably warm and we can actually leave the house to do something fun. “Sun Days” are infinitely better than “Snow Days.” Someday the children will understand and thank me for that . . . right?

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