Perks Aplenty


I was recently asked (in a nice, offhand sort of way without judgment, which meant I didn’t have to blow my lid) how my kids feel about homeschooling and if it’s difficult to separate “mom” vs “teacher” or if there is no separation at all. I replied that my kids are at an age where they realize how good they have it and that while I know some kids resist buckling down and getting their work done, my children have zero desire to go to school so they are pretty willing to work with me. Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t complain or that we haven’t changed math curriculum three times this year for my 6th grader just to figure out WTH will get us both through the year without eternal strife. It *does* mean they listen to other kids at dance class or in public talking about staying up late to finish homework and getting up at the crack of dawn for school and they recognize a good thing when it’s in front of them. The look of utter horror on my 6th grader’s face when she heard that her dance friends start school at 7 am was worth all the eye-rolling and muttered complaints about fractions that filled my past few weeks. That’s right, I replied with my narrowed eyes and nodding head. You’d better appreciate how kickass this homeschooling life truly is. 

One thought on “Perks Aplenty

  1. Love it! My 16-year old feels sorry for his public schooled peers. He loves the freedom and extra time he gets from homeschooling. He also has no desire to go to school.


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