The World Turned Upside Down

If you’re singing Hamilton now, you’re welcome.

It’s been a long time since I last blogged, but since 2020 has lasted approximately 750 years so far, I hope you’ll forgive my absence. Uh, we’ll just ignore the 10 months of 2019 that I also missed, because life happens. Anyway. Everything shut down here in NY by mid-March, and we finished up our school year and annual testing by the middle of April. You’d think that having 6,000 extra hours of free time each week would have led us to get started on the new school year like we usually do, but alas . . . not so much. Turns out it’s easier to chill and watch Netflix and let the kids play Minecraft for 3 hours every afternoon while they chat with their friends, because then you don’t feel quite so bad about them missing out on all of a homeschooler’s usual social opportunities. While we feel super fortunate to have already been in a position that our “daily life” didn’t change too much when things closed down, every homeschool blog in the universe has already explained how we’re always out and about with field trips and classes and co-ops, etc. So . . . it’s been weird.

For anyone new joining the magical world of homeschooling for the 2020-2021 school year, welcome! I’m sure things are going to be . . . well, weird . . . for everyone this coming year, but I’m looking forward to it! My kids are starting 5th and 8th grade, which were the beginning and end of middle school for me growing up, so it feels like an interesting year. And I’m already exploring a ton of interesting curriculum options for high school NEXT year, mostly to distract myself from figuring out WTF we’re doing this coming year. And yes, I’ve already bought all of our curriculum and planned to start the new year at least 17 times already, but if you haven’t figured it out from my other posts, that all means nothing. The important thing is, I have my trusty planner at the ready and have updated my color-coded schedule spreadsheet so that we can promptly ignore it as soon as we get started.

Got any questions about homeschooling? Pandemic schooling? Tolerating 3 hours of Minecraft with children on speaker-phone in the next room? Drop me a comment and I’ll answer them in the next post. Which will not be almost 18 months from now, I promise. Here’s Juno begging you to throw me a bone, here.

Juno peep

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