Making Plans

I’ve probably said it before, but I love, LOVE planning. I love color-coded spreadsheets and schedules and checklists and planners. And then . . . I like to let it all go. I ignore the pretty colors and fall back on my trusty planner, where I write in everything day by day so I can keep track of what we’ve done. After years of stressing about how much to complete each quarter, I plan no more than a week in advance, usually on Sunday night or Monday morning. By then, I generally know what we have on tap for the coming week and can work around any days we may need to take off for field trips, classes, or playdates.

There are any number of things a homeschool parent might want from a planner, but my priorities are:

  • Blank subject columns for each day of the week
  • Enough space to write in multiple activities for each subject
  • Room for tracking work for multiple children
  • Enough columns to break apart our “separate subjects” (math and English) and to list our “together subjects” after (social studies, science, art/music, “other” and “activities” are my usual headings)–OR to list core subjects separately, depending on the year
  • Monthly calendars to write in important dates
  • July of the current year to the end of June of the next

I can’t handle predetermined subject headings, cramped boxes, or wasted space! After a couple initial years of using whatever I could grab from the dollar aisle at Target, I found The One. The only planner I’ve been able to get my hands on that has all of my requirements and runs around $20. I only need one for my two kids and honestly, I think I could comfortably track at least a couple more if needed. Bigger families might need to get creative or use more than one of these, but it fits our needs perfectly.

Here’s the planner I use year after year: Blue Sky 2020-2021 Academic Year Teachers Weekly & Monthly Lesson Planner, CYO Cover, 8.5″ x 11″, Dots

[Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, I may earn commissions from qualifying purchases using the links in my posts. I will only link to products that I personally use and recommend!]

This is my current layout, where we separate out math and English but combine the other subjects (if they are working on different things in those subjects, I just put their names or initials on separate lines with what they worked on). The far right column used to be for evening dance classes, so I’m still debating what label to use there. I use the colored daily boxes on the left to write in anything that doesn’t fall into a subject heading–days off, playdates, appointments, etc.PlannerIMG_2507

This is from two years ago, to show some completed pages and an older format where I separated the core subjects for both of them. I don’t write a ton of detail–just lesson or page numbers, generally. If one child is working from different books or programs in the same subject, I add initials to distinguish between them. Here in NY, we have to submit quarterly reports listing material/topics covered in the required subjects, so I refer back to the lesson/page/chapter numbers at quarterly time and flip through each curriculum to pull the topics from. I’d rather keep it simple in my planner and do a tiny bit more work at quarterly time, but I know others include more detail about lesson topics and there’s a decent amount of space in each box for that, too!


Here’s the monthly calendar page, just for reference.


I’m not generally a big believer in any particular “must-haves” for homeschoolers because every family is different, but the one thing I definitely must have each year is this planner. I’ve even tried creating my own printable version and it’s just not the same. I do enjoy all my color-coded spreadsheets, but at the end of the day, my planner is where I keep track of everything we actually get done, which makes reporting a breeze.

What one homeschool item can you not live without??

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