Our first week back to schoolwork included many very exciting and lively debates, such as:

  • Should “Jan” in this particular math problem be pronounced like the Brady bunch chick or like “Yan” instead?
  • Does watching “Prince Caspian” count as literature studies?
  • Can “Summer Hits of the 90s” be our new schoolwork music station, or is it too distracting when Mama starts rocking out in the middle of answering questions?
  • Why doesn’t Alexa understand why my 8th grader wants to listen to sea shanties during schoolwork?

Alas, we survived our first week with only the barest hint of a meltdown as we figured out our new schedule–without any official “computer work” this year, I quickly realized that having both kids at the table at the same time working on different things might not be our best bet, especially given the older child’s inability to ever. stop. talking. We also made it to day 2 before deciding to switch a math curriculum for one child, which is a significant success when you compare it to the 3 minutes it took last year on the first day of school before changing our minds. Huzzah.

The real highlight of the week was a trip to an outdoor archery range. Of course, the subsequent discussion over whether the children like this as an Olympic sport or a skill to use while working at a Renaissance faire might have lowered our expectations somewhat, but hey. I’ll take what we can get and in the meantime, we can look like super cool, super nerdy homeschoolers while we’re at it.




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