Rainbow Days

I realize I post a lot about the frustrations of homeschooling, because goodness knows everyone needs to vent and commiserate sometimes, but it’s important to celebrate the good days, too. Tempers were short yesterday, but today was like a rainbow after the storm. I accepted that part of the problem might have been a particular writing curriculum choice (which, of course, was exacerbated by the attitude) and decided to ditch it. Why let a $20 purchase dictate how painful our school days might be?


And just like that, I clicked “submit order” on a different writing curriculum, decided to simply skip the problems in math that were causing stress (they’re well above grade level and intended to just introduce a concept in advance . . . so why are we butting heads over it??), and voila! We started schoolwork this morning with zero resistance, even though Tween had to sit through 12 minutes (gasp!) of history video today instead of yesterday’s horrifying 8 minutes. The prospect of a craft store trip after lunch *might* have inspired positive attitudes all around, but whatever. I am determined to appreciate and enjoy the good days just as much as I grumble about the bad. I hereby vow not to let my curriculum mistakes make any of us miserable. Granted, I thought I learned that lesson several years ago, but hey . . . nobody’s perfect.

So here’s to the rainbow days, whether they’re common in your house or less frequent than you’d like–may they always be cause for celebration! And on the suckier days, I promise to remember that a bad day is just that: a day. Or an hour, or a few minutes. It shouldn’t determine the mood for the days that follow. I think we all need a good vent now and then, because we homeschooling moms so often feel the weight of showing homeschooling in a positive light. So hey, if you need a safe place to complain, the comments are always open. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows, but letting go of the rough times can help everyone move on to a better day ahead.