. . . and Dinner Time.


Sometimes I feel like the fact that we are home most days should allow for MORE time to dedicate to meal prep . . . and then late afternoon rolls around and whatever lofty plan I have concocted falls by the wayside. If we’ve been home all day, I’m burnt out. If we’ve been out all day, I’m exhausted. Either way, I hate cooking, so both become a ready excuse for not making dinner.

Then again, in a few weeks our evenings will become so busy that dinners will HAVE to be planned out and regimented based on who is home when . . . so summer is a good time to let it all go before that happens, right? RIGHT? Or maybe it’s just time to start adding home ec into our schoolwork schedule so the kids can start making dinners for us? My kids can handle enough that I think it’s unlikely they’d starve if left to fend for themselves, but not quite enough to be trusted to make a decent-tasting meal. It’s clearly time to up our game. Math, science, life skills–making them do more cooking seems like a win win!

Homeschool moms (and dads) spend a lot of time chauffeuring children hither and yon, we’ve learned, and we all deserve a break now and then! Do you enjoy cooking? Got any tips or tricks for managing family-friendly meals when you’re short on time (or energy, or patience)?