Time Warp

For most of my life I was smug about time changes. With inadequate sleep being a migraine trigger, I was always pretty careful to maintain my sleep schedule. Heck, that was my main reason for not wanting to be a parent when I was a teenager. Sleep is sacred.

Fast forward to my firstborn, who needs less sleep than anyone I’ve ever known. The universe sure got me good! Still, before the children could tell time, I had no problem with Daylight Savings Time starting or ending. Heck, as homeschoolers, we can sleep as late as we want, so who cares if we shift an hour one way or the other? Twice a year I am particularly grateful to be homeschooling because the thought of an alarm going off an hour earlier than our bodies expect would make me tear my hair out.

And yet . . . having children who CAN read clocks means that come hell or high water, that tween is NOT going to sleep when she’s tired! The clock says she has another hour until bedtime! Of course, when she stays up past her Sleep Window, that throws off her entire night of sleep so she’s up and down all night, sleeping in too late or waking up at the crack of dawn. Let’s hope the sleep deprivation mania helps us plow through schoolwork today instead of causing her focus to be so terrible that it takes her half an hour to write a single paragraph she’s already outlines, because that was yesterday.

Meanwhile, I’m over here like . . .